Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Felt Purses

Apologies for the lack of messenger bag tutorial - life has just got in the way of crafting.  Nothing serious has happened, I just don't know where the last couple of days have disappeared to!  Rest assured the tutorial is in hand (ish) and I'm just waiting to take a few photos & then it'll be on here.

Back to what I have actually done.  I've made these couple of purses from some blanket squares that Elisabeth at Sewciety had felted, dyed and cut up. 

One is for the daughter of a friend, who is celebrating her 8th Birthday tomorrow, and the other is for ... me!  I think I prefer the shape of the flowery one, as I blanket stitched around the edge with wrong sides facing.  (Don't you just love the fact that felt doesn't fray).  The heart one I sewed inside out and turned through.

I've needle felted the shapes on the front of both, which leaves me with lots of little holes.  I actually kind of like them, but as I'm new to felting I'm not sure if there is a way to get rid of the holes.

Anyway more soon