Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lots more Crafts

More entries for my crafting Diary:

6th Jan - Having had a bit of a mad making of felt balls and small pieces of felt, I wondered what to do with them - this is what I came up with:
Not a brilliant photo, it was quite hard to get the lighting right as I've hung it right next to a window!  Here are a  couple of closer photos:
(Probably should've cut the extra bit of wool off at the bottom!)
I've just used a long piece of wool & knotted it just below where I wanted each ball or felt piece to go & then using a very strong needle, pushed each piece onto the wool. 

7th Jan - Another pincushion to add to my collection!
 I intended this one to be a cupcake, but sadly I couldn't get the shape right, so its ended up as a teapot!

8th Jan - Yet another pincushion (do you think I'm obsessed by pincushions now?)
This time I've made the ball shape & drawn round it onto a sheet of ready made felt.  Then I cut out the inside petals & needle felted them half way up the ball shape.  I repeated this for the outside petals but this time only felted them a quarter of the way up the ball shape.  This is how it turned out:

Slightly wonky, but not bad for my first attempt.

9th Jan - Today I'd decided to rest from felting and have put together some patchwork.  I think I'm going to make it into a new PE bag for my daughter, as then she'll never bring home the wrong bag!
I used a jelly roll I bought from FabricLand in Salisbury, joined the long strips and then cut and reassembled them into smaller squares.

Wonder if I can make something every day during January?