Tuesday, 4 January 2011

NieNie Skirt

As promised more detail about the skirt I've been making for Elisabeth at Sewciety.  I've finally finished it and here it is, beautifully modelled by my daughter:

And a closer look at it:

It's made with lots of layers of ruffles and although at first it looks daunting to make, it went together pretty easily.  It's probably not a pattern for a beginner, as a bit of knowledge is assumed, and it is quite time-consuming to make, however the results are well worth the time taken.  If you've got a special occasion in mind then I would say go for it, just think how proud you'll feel when its finished and you can say that you made it!

The pattern is called the NieNie Skirt and is available on Sewciety's website.  The Art Gallery fabric I've used is also from Sewciety, and is directly imported from USA.  It is great to work with and is perfect for dressmaking as it falls beautifully.  The site also has some unusual fabric which is imported from South Africa, called Shwe Shwe, have a look and see what you think.

Finally, when you put on a skirt like this, what should you do:

why twirl of course!