Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Appliquéd Backpack

Yesterday Lisanne from Sewciety came over to my house to play. We set our sewing machines up on either side of my dining table and proceeded to eat, chat and craft.  She managed to make a couple of lunch bags, which I’m sure she’ll put on her blog in the next couple of days, and I managed to make my daughter a new bag for school.


Daisy is mad on Moshi monsters and had found a picture of her favourite one, and as she has so much faith in me as a crafter (hmm not sure her faith is justified!), asked me if I could make her a bag with it on.  Unfortunately I didn’t quite have the right colour felt to make it (purple) but she was happy with the red and pink instead.  I’ve lined it with a thick red corduroy, however I think if I make another one in the future I’ll add some sort of interfacing to the bag as it’s very soft at the moment.

backpack2 Here is a photo of the reverse of the bag, with the straps and a hook to hang it up on her peg. 

She was so pleased with it I was glad I’d made the effort for her.  However I am beginning to worry that all this making of bags will cause her to have a handbag problem in later life!!